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After more than 15 years as an entrepreneur, Taco Heidinga has seen it all. Taco now devotes his time helping other entrepreneurs be empowered and prepared for a lifetime journey from significant failures to great success. With Taco on your side, you will be equipped with the best structures, systems, and strategies you need to build your business. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey with many ups and downs, but there is no need to do this alone. Please book a consultation call with Taco to learn more about the empowerment he can bring to your business.

Common Questions?

Every week we get contacted by many entrepreneurs & leaders that seek help, support or guidance for their business. We are very happy we can serve so many entrepreneurs and help them grow to the next level.  We help two specific targets (Entrepreneurs & Leaders) and we frequently get questions about our different services. Here are some questions we get weekly from our audience

1. Does Taco also help entrepreneurs & leaders outside of the real estate industry?

Yes, as Taco is well known in the real estate industry, starting many ventures in the property business, he does coach, training, and consult entrepreneurs & leaders beyond the real estate industry.

2. How can Taco help me?

Depending on the current situation, Taco will first assess to determine if he will be able to coach & guide any entrepreneurs or leaders. Taco can help with various support, such as strategic innovation, structure & organization, sales, marketing, performance, and leadership coaching.

3. Besides coaching, can we also invite Taco as a trainer or speaker?

Yes, Taco has lots of experience in speaking and has been invited on many stages to share his ideas, strategies, and teachings. Feel free to contact us to see if Taco is available to speak at your event or company. (Hire me to speak)

4. Are there any free resources that Taco gives to his audience

Taco gives away many of his training, resources, and books. Two main channels you may find interesting are his Education Blog [Link to propcoach blog] and youtube channel (Click here)

5. What will I learn during the free consultation session

The consultation session is designed to give entrepreneurs & leaders the clarity to see ahead in the future and get a sense of where they are in their journey. During this session, you will see the first things you need to start working on to get the results you want. Many entrepreneurs & leaders have given us feedback that the consultation session had enlightened them to take more action and be very clear on the things that are important to their business

Services Taco & Co Offers


Check our the latest trainings Taco offers to his students

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Propcoach University Of Real Estate (PURE) is an online training & coaching platform designed for real estate agents that want to increase their performance, productivity and skills. With PURE you will get access to the latest tools, templates, scripts and training for a professional career in real estate.
$38 a Year

Business Growth Coaching

For entrepreneurs & leaders that want to take their journey to the next level. Book a free consultation to learn more

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Check the list of many courses we have created with Propcoach. A wide range of knowledge and skills you can build with our Propcoach Premium Education access. Selling & Persuasion, Marketing, Networking, Prospecting and so many more. Check our full list of education possibilities below
$9 Onwards

Hire me as a Speaker

For any events, conferences, or inhouse training. See if Taco is available to speak at your event or conference.

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Our property advisory services is designed for foreign property investors that are outside of Malaysia, and need a local partner to advise, oversee, support and consult on the best property opportunities in the market. From one-time buyers to season investor, we are at your service.


More About Taco Heidinga

CEO Taco & Co International Inc. – Taco & Co
With almost 13 years of experience, Taco has seen it all in the real estate industry. Starting as a property manager, he quickly got hooked on the fast-paced world of real estate sales. After being a real estate agent for many years in the Caribbean, Taco took a wild jump and moved to Malaysia in 2016. 

In 2017 Taco founded Taco & Co Sdn Bhd., a strategic property consultancy with the mission to elevate real estate professionals worldwide. It started all with the Act, Attract, Impact Methodology, which has helped real estate agents open their minds to more effective sales, marketing, and leadership; Taco & Co keeps innovating new ways to build real estate business leaders. 

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