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Foreigners Buying Property In Malaysia?

Are you an expat looking to call Malaysia home? Or are you looking for the next property investment opportunity? Every year many foreigners are buying a property in Malaysia. Check out our special book before you move or invest in Malaysia. Taco & Co can help you find the best property offers in the market. We serve mainly the buyers/investors side, making it our duty to create an extraordinary Foreign ownership experience. 

How we serve Foreign Buyers & Investors?

Finding Your Objective to Rent or Buy.

Everything starts with setting the right objectives. Our clients have their eyes on Malaysia for many reasons. Either employment, retirement, or just investment. We can help you identify the right match with your objectives

Great Decision Start with Relevant Information.

Although there are many similarities in renting and buying a property in Malaysia compared with the rest of the world, there are also many differences. With our free education platform and consultation, we serve our clients with all relevant information.

Property Market Research.

Once the objectives are clear and information is provided, we can start official market research. Based on your objectives, outcomes, and wishes, Taco & Co will prepare a market report with relevant property offers. 

Offer - Negotiate - DEAL.

After the research we will prepare any offering in good consultation with our clients. As we are serving our clients interest, we will assist in the offering, negotiation, and closing process. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

We get emails and messages every day from people all over the world requesting more information about foreign ownership in Malaysia. Many Foreigners in Malaysia have opted to purchase a property either as a second home or investment. Here are some of the questions we get asked everyday. 

What kind of properties can a foreigner own in Malaysia?

Foreign property ownership is very normal in Malaysia with a few exceptions. Foreigners can even own 100% of the property in Malaysia as long as minimum requirements are met. More information about this you can read this article ……

Is there any special scheme in Malaysia for foreigners?

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a special programme created for foreigners who wish to live in Malaysia. Although the scheme is not only used for specific property purchases, many expats do use this scheme to eventually invest in properties. More about MM2H you can find here….

Are there any home loan financing options for foreigners?

The Margin of Finance (MOF) has the option to go up till 80% for MM2H holders, while other foreigners would generally obtain a 70% MOF. In most cases,  foreign buyers are usually better off taking loans from foreign banks in Malaysia. We do have cases in which foreigners are married to a Malaysian citizen, the spouse will be required to take part in the loan financing to enjoy a Margin of Finance as high as 90%.

What are the best places to explore some properties in Malaysia?

The best two platforms that cover many available properties are Iproperty and Property Guru.

Unfortunately, some listing are outdated or double listed, so we would be happy to double-check for you if any of your searched properties are relevant as an option for you.

What is the step-by-step procedure to buy a property as an foreigner?

There are quite a number of steps a foreigner needs to take to finalize a property purchase in Malaysia. No worries, we can help you every step of the way. We did write a detailed article about this. You can find it right here -> 

Why Invest In Malaysia?

Malaysia greets you, and your property buying journey with great appreciation. Once you get to know Malaysia better you learn that it’s AWESOME! Amazing cities, beautiful beaches, exceptional nature, and the best food in the world(yes I dare to claim this.)

When it comes to investing in properties, you will experience a friendly market that opens many opportunities for foreign ownership. Friendly yes, but without the proper guidance, support and service, a person can get lost very quickly.

Adapting to the Asian business culture, special regulations, and ongoing changes is not an overnight process. That’s why we have added these property advisory services to our company.

For many years the Real Estate Market in Malaysia has been dominated by developers & sellers. Based on the property market cycle the developers & sellers enjoyed many years of the constant demand of buyers and a big need for high-end and luxury properties.

Like most markets in the world, also the cycle shift has made an impact on the real estate industry in Malaysia. With an increase of property inventory and a big mismatch of supply and demand, the market has come under pressure. 

This is great news for Foreigners buying property in Malaysia.

Why invest in Malaysia?

How Do We Work


We really believe that a strong relationship between our clients and us is the foundation of the best outcomes. Real Estate is an emotional journey, that not only depends on numbers and facts. The better we get to know you, the more effective we can work on your dreams & outcomes


Property Market Search

Once we have connected and learned about your dreams, wishes, and needs, we will start the process of putting together a market report catered to your profile. This will include optional properties, projected returns, and market updates. 

Offer - Negotiate - DEAL

Once our clients decide to move ahead with a selected property, we would be happy to assist in the offer process, which automatically will follow with a negotiation process. If everything works out well, we will assist in all the steps to finalize the property purchase. 

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