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Taco has always been a go-getter. From a young age of 23, he had already dived into the world of business. Young and hungry, he landed himself on the beautiful island of Curacao, one of the many holiday destinations within the Carribean. 

Having joined real estate in 2008, one of his greatest achievements was building the 2nd largest assets management company in Curacao. And closer to heart, his other significant achievement was running a team of highly productive real estate agents.

In 2016, opportunity came knocking on his door. Taco was offered the position of Chief Technological Officer (CTO) cum Head Trainer with the objective of growing the international real estate brand name in Malaysia. 

After one trip to survey what South East Asia has to offer, he took a leap of faith uprooting himself entirely to further his career in real estate here in Kuala Lumpur. 

If you met Taco now, it would be crystal clear to see that his passion is in entrepreneurship and sales. 


To date, Taco has started 7 different businesses. His first two being in the Food & Beverage industry, running two Italian restaurants. And like the few who were bold enough to step into the business world of uncertainty, he also faced his own set of challenges and failures.


Throughout his journey in business, Taco’s greatest strength has always been his speed, and because of it, he was always able to get things done quickly. But like a double edge sword, his speed was also his bane in building sustainable relationships with business partners and teams alike. People just couldn’t keep up with him.

However, his greatest pain was being close to going completely broke. And this happened while he was running his restaurants. It wasn’t easy for him either when he first got into real estate. 

In his first year, he made only USD4000, barely surviving in a country where holiday goers visit for Paradise; a true paradox you might think. And that wasn’t the end of it. In real estate, he yet again came face to face with his greatest pain. Always moving so fast, he never looked back to review and fix what he had broken. And eventually, he came down to his last dime, literally.   

Everything changed for Taco when he met his mentor in Curacao, a successful real estate developer. Hungrier than ever, Taco stayed true to his core and he acted. In one year, he went from his measly USD4000 to a 6 digit income. 

Having been knocked down one too many times, Taco now believes in the unique strengths of the people he works with, especially when they are not as fast as he is. He now understands that Rome was not built in a day, and to do so, he cannot do it alone. 

Today, he is fuelled and draws his passion from having experienced the pain of his deepest valleys. And with it, he is determined to bring the same abundance he has had through coaching and his own experiences to the world of real estate professionals; to show them that with the right strategies and the right coach by their side, there is light at the end of their individual tunnels, that they can make it through the darkness. 

His great vision is to inspire and motivate all entrepreneurs, both new and seasoned, to simply take action and MOVE, to see beyond their current circumstances, and to positively impact the communities around them.


Meet Taco heidinga

Taco ‘s Values & Belief

Teamwork and Community mindset is everything

Teamwork and community are the main drivers of building a strong organisation. To truly move forward and reach for our dreams, we must work with and help each other. But before we can help one another, we also believe that we must first be able to help ourselves. Having a strong mindset towards serving others, including yourself, is the first step to real success.

Always bring VALUE

Taco has always strived to bring positive change and massive value to the people he works with. It’s an honour to work with his clients and teach them the power of the value mindset. If you truly care about your customers, you will never get into a bad situation again.


When you get to know Taco a bit better, you will get familiar with one of the key methodologies he uses to convert companies into high performing organisations. This  methodology is called Act-Attract-Impact. This applies to all companies that are looking to scale their business to the next level in all areas.

Relationship over Transaction

Through Taco’s ‘Power’ education he brings a level of fun, speed, efficiency and quality to all our collaborators. Whatever we do, we value our relationships first, so we can align on the goals, targets and dreams our clients want to achieve. If we feel we can’t help or see no position to bring value, we will always be honest and protect the relationship first.

Always Take Massive Action

The key is to bring massive breakthroughs to all our clients, partners, and coaches. Massive breakthroughs only come from massive action. Ideas are easy, but the implementation is the real differentiator for business success.

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