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Add Taco to one of your speakers list for a high energetic talk during your conference. All topics are described below



Want to run a customized workshop at your company or organisation, Taco can run a multi-day workshop for any topic related below.

Emcee, Dinners & Host

Looking for an energetic person to host your special occasion, such as annual dinners, company retreats, or special events?

Topic to share for any events, workshops or special occasions.


Taco share his entrepreneurial experience and guides other to take massive action with simple to follow guidelines


Taco believes that leadership makes the real difference in people’s lives and shares the key principles of leadership

Real Estate business

Taco share his experience as an real estate entrepreneur and can guide agents, agencies and brokers on the next steps in their career

Organisation & Scale

Taco gives the key steps to convert any company in a high scalable business for more revenue and growth.

High Performance

Taco shares the 6 steps an individual should take to become a high performing person in both work & private life.

Personal Branding

Taco explains the steps that have to be taken to start a personal brand and build it to a thriving business.

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