Eat, Play, Invest – Love Malaysia

Everything you need to know about living, working, buying, and investing in Malaysia. For all foreigners planning to move to Malaysia for work, retirement or business. 

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Guide for foreigners buying property in Malaysia

About The Book

This book has the purpose to inform all people that are planning to move, retire or invest in Malaysia. The author has moved to Malaysia 5 years ago, and going through all procedures (with all challenges) he has collected all information to share with you in this book.

Learn about the different locations in Malaysia. Understand the procedures in buying or renting a property in Malaysia. How does it work with healthcare? What about education? And what if you need to get your work permit ready, what are the procedures? All in one book here at Taco & Co. Download your free copy and read this 43-page book in just the next hour.

Chapter 1

A simple guide for international buyers, investors, and entrepreneurs that want to learn more about Southeast Asia. With this book, we start with Malaysia. The country that our office has its headquarters.

Malaysia being unique on its own, it has many opportunities to offer to people interested in moving or investing in Southeast Asia. Make sure to read every page and enjoy the simple, yet crucial information you need to know before moving or investing in Malaysia.



What you will find in this book –

1. Different Locations

2. Procedure of Property Purchase & Rental

3. Education

4. Healthcare

About the author.

Taco Heidinga 

Taco welcomes you to one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia. A country that brings vibrant cities, white sandy beaches, and deep green jungles.

Welcome to Malaysia. As everyone says Malaysia is Truly Asia. You will see that it’s one country where you will find culturally diverse people and experience the best of what Asia has to offer.

In this book you will explore the different points that make Malaysia truly unique. Things like food, education, healthcare, and international diversity. If you are moving to Malaysia, or interested in a fast growing investment location in Southeast Asia, you can download this book for free.