Don’t you just love quotes? I really do.
“Motivation is what gets people started, habits is what keeps people going!”

So what kind of habits are we talking about? Is it personal or business-related? Well, I think it’s a combination of both.

Because when you become a real estate agent, you’re not creating a career, you’re creating a lifestyle. This lifestyle is what gets you going day after day.

So to share how this works, I would like to share my 7 habits for highly effective real estate agents.

You see, when I implement the following actions day after day, I get some pretty huge results.

And I hope that you’ll see the same results too! Let’s get started.

Daily Habit 1: Workout

Yes, at least 4 times a week. Lifting some heavyweights not only makes me look less like a teenage boy, but it also makes me feel pretty amazing too, and so will you!

When you feel good, you do good work.

Daily Habit 2: Watch What You Eat & Drink

Yes, I am one of those who believes in “flexible dieting”. Sorry, all you “paleo” lovers, I like my nutrition bars and coffee way too much to give up.

But when I track my calories it gives me an element of certainty which for me is key. Otherwise, my little monkey mind runs wild and I begin to panic.

Daily Habit 3: Meditation

“Breath in….hold…breath out!”

That’s the basic when I am starting my meditation process. I don’t need a lot of meditating time. I just to need to zen out for 10 minutes with my amazing meditation app.

It’s enough for me to get clarity on what I want to achieve today.

Daily Habit 4: Journaling

Journalling has two primary roles.

Role 1 – Planning business activities for the year, month, week, day (along with goals and targets). This includes time blocking each day so you know exactly when you will be completing a certain task.

Role 2 – Getting out of my head. This is huge for me (and most probably you too). As I mentioned earlier, my mind likes to run wild.

This leads to fabricated stories that soon become beliefs if I leave them unchecked. So I spend each morning mind dumping onto the page to see what’s real and what’s not.

Daily Habit 5: New Leads

Right, let’s start to create some revenue.

Without a consistent flow of leads, your business will go down, and eventually die. That is why I have a daily goal of generating a certain amount of new leads.

Of course, paid advertising and marketing automated systems take care of this, but if I don’t hit my quota, I am going hunting for it before the day is up.

Daily Habit 6: Call Bookings

Following the previous daily habit, I can generate all the leads that I want, but until a session is booked in the diary, no money is to be made.

Becoming hungry/obsessed/dedicated with hitting an x amount of call bookings a day is what allowed me to consistently do those million dollars real estate deals.

Daily Habit 7: Tracking Numbers

Ad spends, leads in, ROI, sales made, money out, time processed, etc… This for me is where most real estate agents fall short.

Look, I get it. Staring at a spreadsheet is not your thing. But unless you take control of the cold hard facts you’ll continue to run your business on emotion, which is temperamental at best.

There you go, my dear friend…

The 7 habits that will get you to be highly effective as a real estate agent.

So let me ask you this, which one of the above are you already doing. If your answer is none, I can promise you that you’re not running a real estate business.

Let me know in the comments below and feel free to add mine into your routine if you think they will be helpful.

One more quote to end this blog, “Winning is a habit, so is losing! CHOOSE!”