Before you start unsubscribing me or even blocking me, hear me out on this one. I wouldn’t make this bold statement without any strong arguments in the back of my mind. For all part-time agents reading right now, please continue what you are doing. I’m not against part-time agents, but I want you to know that I do care about your future. And that’s why I’m here today, to tell the truth. 


If there is one thing I keep saying over and over again in my trainings, videos, seminars, and coaching sessions is that – Real Estate is a Business.


And you must treat it as a business. It’s no different from a hair salon, consultant agency, restaurant, or any other SME in the marketplace. Real Estate is a business where you trade property inventory from a seller to a buyer. Or landlord to a tenant. 

 You go out there to list their property inventory, then you need to market the inventory, you need people to view the inventory, what follows in negotiating the inventory, and eventually, you need to sell the inventory. And all of this takes TIME. A lot of time. 

 With the new technology of today we can move things faster, and it saves the real estate agent a lot of time. These are your Daily Success Activities that are the priority of your business, but that’s not the end of your tasks. 

 You also have something that I like to call your Core Building Activities. 

 Things like your administrative work, legal work, branding updates on social media. Also, you are constantly updating your database with new contact points. And real estate also needs a lot of learning. You are constantly working on upgrading your skills to be a better agent.

 And you guessed it right, this also takes a lot of TIME. 

 So how are you planning to do this part-time, when the industry is already competitive and your clients need a fully dedicated, highly motivated, and super convicted property agent. 

To give you some more clarity, let me share with you the following. 

 For years I’ve been coaching a program called the Act-Attract-Impact Method (AAI method). 

 In this session, my client and I go over 3 crucial pillars you need to master as a Real Estate Agent


Act – How Much Action Do you Need to Take as an Agent?

 The first step is all about your plan, time management, and budget moving ahead. Like any business, you got to make a plan. A plan where you can look into the future and see what is coming. 

 When I take real estate agents through this exercise, I see 95% of the cases an individual that has no idea how much effort it takes to build a business. Many times I get a reply from one of my clients: ‘’I have to do all of this, can’t I just start selling houses?’’

 Well if it were that simple, don’t you think 90% of the world would be a real estate agent?


Attract – How many people do you need to attract to close one deal?

 Another example of people not knowing how much effort it takes to sell a home. What if I told you that for every 100 people you build a strong relationship with, you will close 1 deal. So that means you need to go out there and find 100 people. 

 That’s not something you do overnight, and even not in three nights. This takes time, effort, good marketing, strong follow-up, and many many conversations. 

 This is where part-timers really fall short. They simply don’t have the time to build all these relationships. If you only have 20-30 hours a week to be a real estate agent, how many of these hours would you put in to attract people?

 Impact – How are you making sure you’re leaving a real impact on your clients?

 Yes, the secret work of a successful real estate business is – IMPACT. This is where the extraordinary agent splits itself from the average agent. Real estate is not only about buying, selling, and signing a few contracts.

 Real estate is all about impacting people the right way. You need to be able to build a certain level of intimacy with people. Your messaging has to be exceptional. And your power of persuasion needs to be at the highest level of the industry. 

 On top you need to invest in your appearance – the way you dress, impress, and speak. And all of this needs to be done consistently, for a long period of time. If you do it long enough your brand will rise and people will start coming to you. 

 So, If you have read so far, what I really appreciate, I know you must have a real need to be successful in this business. And you also realize a 20-hour real estate workweek is not going to cut it. 

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 Yes, there are a few out there that can build a little side business in real estate, but you need to realize that this is really the exception. 

 If you are ready to take some real action in your real estate business and would like to understand the Act-Attract-Impact Method framework, we can get on a discovery call. I will give you some tips & tricks to start scaling your real estate business. 

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Thanks for reading this far. You’re awesome, stay productive, and keep hustling your real estate business.