Accepting the fact that not everybody is going to like you in this world is one of the best ways to focus on your purpose, goals, and business.

Based on different cultures, religions, age, and backgrounds not everybody will work with you.

No matter how well you dress, stand up straight, and put on that shiny smile, they just don’t seem to have this chemistry with you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money with these people.

I have met so many people all around the world. I also have sat with many cultures and backgrounds. I know that in businesses the keyword is trust.

You first have to win their trust and then you can start doing business. Wining this trust is an easy job, but most of the time it can be hard if you can’t find the chemistry with your client.

The Power Of Making Money In Real Estate

Many years ago I found the power of referral. Receiving and sending referrals is one of the best money-making business models in real estate.

It’s a great combination of leveraging and increasing your business. When done right and with daily motivation, you will see an increase in your sales.

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The question is, how many businesses have you lost over the years by not using this referral model? Or maybe even a better question is, where you able to make money in real estate, but you just didn’t ask the right question?

A referral system is something you need to build, not something you start. It’s a mindset where your brain matches every possible outcome when you start meeting people.

See yourself as a matchmaker that sees an opportunity with every person you meet. However, by matching different people, you also want to be matched with the right people.

And how do we do this?

The answer – by asking.

Let me ask you the following. When you talk with people, do you actually mention you are a real estate agent? Sometimes people just assume they are ready to work with you, but this is far from the truth.

You have to make sure you identify yourself. And more importantly, start building some credibility. I see it as a step 1,2,3 game. Let me tell you what I mean by this.

I look at how interested people would be to work with me.

So step 1 : Find out if people are ready to buy, sell, rent, purchase or whatever-related to real estate.

If you find out they are not interested yet, you go to step 2.

Step 2: Would they be interested to be updated on the latest market activities?

No strings attached, just getting a monthly newsletter, call, Whatsapp or any other kind of update.

If they are still not interested, it’s time to work on step 3.

Step 3: Introduce these clients to one of your colleagues where you see some chemistry.

Because the very best reason that Step 1 or 2 didn’t work is that people don’t want to work with you.

So to really find this out, you make a final referral move. Make sure they take the same three steps. If again the person is not interested, leave him/her alone. It’s going to be very hard to get it as a real lead.

But usually what will happen is that the client will find some form of trust with either you or your colleague, and you just got a very valuable lead!

Every lead has a value, don’t let it get wasted. Don’t only look for the easy deal. That is the real value to make money in real estate. 

Thanks again for taking the time to read this. See you in the next blog!

And Remember: Make the Experience count, Focus on your Growth while being happy in the NOW!