As a real estate agent myself, I’ve made many mistakes and suffered the consequences. I’ve spent thousands of dollars investing time and effort on ineffective ways. I kept getting low-quality leads and had to consistently sell myself repeatedly.

The hard truth is that the real estate industry hasn’t caught up with other industries in the aspect of marketing. The majority of training in real estate comes from retired realtors who are no longer ‘in the market’ which poses a huge problem in educating upcoming professionals with new techniques and strategies.

And what I mean by new is, methods that work in this generation of online marketing where it plays a massive force. Due to the lack of updated strategies of marketing being taught, it has severely kept the industry in the ‘dark ages’ of marketing – relying on the hustle, relying on referrals, spending money without strategy etc.

Here we list the 6 ways real estate professionals are hurting their marketing efforts without realizing it:

  1. Just focusing on lead generation and selling without a massive focus on branding awareness. Remember, even with all the leads you have, if you’re branding does not attract, it will not leave an impressionable impact on your leads.

  1. Only advertising their listings and thinking that it’s going to bring in enough clients to keep them busy. They end up attracting clients that are looking for a commission break by using the listing agent to double end. This also tends to attract buyers. What you need to attract are both listings and buyers automatically.
  2. Not showing their face, speaking their truth, and providing REAL value to potential clients. Most people tend to think that providing real value to your potential clients has to come from a place of scarcity. For example, giving free value means no one will hire them. But in actual fact, it’s the opposite!
  3. Not using online marketing to its fullest potential. Trust me, 99% of real estate professionals haven’t scratched the surface. Why not be one of the pioneers?
  4. Spending their Ads budget without a systematized plan. Simply boosting your posts and hoping someone sees it in order to get hired is not the best, full-proof plan.
  5. Forgetting to forge real connections and relationships with their audience. Without this, they attract the worst clients who are only in it for the deal. Make sure you genuinely engage with your audience. Remember, a relationship goes both ways.

How do we solve this problem?

If you want to dominate your market, there is only one way to move forward. We call it the ROI-model of marketing. It’s a strategy that has proven satisfactory results in many industries, even more so, for the real estate industry. This can be your system to generate a 6 to a 7-figure business in real estate.

What is ROI-Model?

  1. Relevancy. Providing the right message, to the right people, at the right time. In short, giving real value.
  2. Omnipresence. Appearing to be everywhere to the ideal client with the relevant message. How easily accessible are you? How’s your brand awareness? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to work on.
  3. Intimacy. Forging real relationships, real connections, and becoming the trusted authority.

Combine all these together, they’ll create a force so strong that you’ll have to hire to serve all of your new clients! I hope you’ve learned some new real estate business ideas.