So you want to know some secrets in real estate? Ok good, but this time we are going to cover something that not every agency will agree with me.
This is a matter of opinion, so please don’t blame me for giving my thought.


We believe that these three points are important for any Real Estate business. If a business can’t cover these three points, then the chances for success are low.

Before that, you have to understand that if you’re new in real estate or have little experience, it is a complicated business.

As a real estate professional, you have to be kind of crazy to do this business. All your earnings will come from your results. You work crazy hours, with no guarantee of any return. Your competition is sometimes ready to kill you ( oke maybe not kill, but hurt you).

Your clients are always emotional, and that makes you their number 1 psychiatrist. And your knowledge has to cover legal, marketing, accounting, investment planning, and construction.

HELLOOO, why the heck are we doing this? The answer is: because we love to do it. We are on this planet to serve the emotional and highest investment needs of every individual, what we call a HOME.

NAR reports that 87% of the real estate agents will fail within 5 years. That number is huge and it has to do with what I mentioned before.

People don’t have the right expectations for their real estate careers. And especially in the beginning, it’s important to start with the right structure.

There are many habits and routines you can follow to make sure you follow the correct guidelines for this industry. But the real secrets go deeper and are more based on the support you need to become successful in this industry.

In my training and talks, I cover the right motivation, workflow, routines, and daily goals. But the secret also is more about your backup or what you need to get started in the right way. So let me give you my 3 most important secrets in real estate:


Whichever brand you choose, you need to give it your own personal identity. Even if you start your own brand you need to give this brand a meaning.

It works the same as every fast-food chain in the world. When you see that big ‘M’ on the side of the street, you know you’re not able to get a 4-star meal in that restaurant.


Real Estate is not a business for everybody. Except for astronauts, technical engineers, and mothers. I think that being in a Real Estate Professional is one of the most complicated professions in the world.

That’s why there is a big difference between good and bad Realtor. And I can tell you the big difference; a good one always keeps educating him/herself.

There are a few things to become a good realtor, but there many things you need to master to become a great Realtor. When you get started in the Real Estate, look for a company that gives you all the education you need. That is such an important secret in real estate to treat it as a real career. And like any career, you need the right education. 

Make sure they cover the following skills; lead generation, listing presentation, market your listing, and using a system. If the company offers this kind of education, you are in the right place.


This probably the real secret in real estate. This is what amazed me the most looking at different Real Estate companies and professionals. The majority of them don’t use any systems or guidelines. Can you imagine waking up every day and starting all over again? That’s the same when you don’t work with a system.

And it doesn’t mean any fancy software system; I mean a personal system that helps you structure your business. Helps you structure your day and give you the focus on what is important for that specific day.

It’s not about the number of people you call every day. It’s not about the amount of listing you can list in 1 time. Do you want to build a job or a business? The difference is in the system you build that will make it a business.

There are easy and low-cost systems you can put in an excel sheet and maintain every day. This will be the sheet you live, breath, and look more into than your Facebook page.

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