Steve Jobs once quoted,

”Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”




When we are talking about one simple thing, it doesn’t mean it can’t be hard.

When I was having lunch the other day, the waiter came to me and asked if he could get me anything else. I friendly declined but asked him a question. 

I wondered if this was his full-time job or if he was still a student. He told me this was full-time for now till he knew what his next step would be. 

After some questions, I told him if the real estate business would be something for him, but he told me that this wasn’t his interest. He did tell me that he had two friends that started in real estate. But weren’t sure if they wanted to stay, because they found the market was a little hard. 

So there was my ‘referral’ chance. If done right, I can use this guy to promote myself to these two friends. So here comes the tricky part in this beautiful world and this is something you need to remember for the rest of your life. Nothing comes for free! Does it always cost money? I don’t think so, but when it comes to referral it’s always worth something. 

The question was what is valuable for this waiter to get him to connect me with his two friends. And this was an easy one because I asked him the following: 

“So your friends are having a hard time in the market. Well, I’m a real estate coach and help young, inexperienced property realtor to become extraordinary in real estate. Would you think they would be interested?” 

He looked at me and didn’t understand. So I decided to ask for his referral: Would you be able to introduce me to your friends, then I will be sitting in this same seat for lunch for the next 5 days. 

 He was laughing and understood what I meant. He was happy to connect me with these guys, which one of them joined my program shortly after that day.  

This is a simple example of a referral that you ask for. However there a three main factors you always need to consider when you ask for one: 

1.The first one simple thing – Always reward a referral


This way people know you appreciate sending people, existing clients, data, or even close friends/family to you. And let me tell you that it doesn’t have to be with money. 

 Just recognize the need and value of the referral giver and you can come with something very unique and reward. Based on how professional you work; you can even use it in your marketing plan. How many people would refer you if you gave away free tickets to a sports game? I mean it’s easy for them, but the value of the contract is of massive value to you. 

2.The second one simple thing – Follow up on every referral


People don’t refer you for anything and as you see the value in this, make sure it counts. Take the time to follow up on this referral. 

In my example this guy promoted me to his friends, he did the sales pitch to tell more about my business. It would be bad if I didn’t do proper follow up and invited these guys.  

I know what you’re thinking now. “Yes Taco, this sounds very logical.” But trust me, how many times have I referred somebody and they didn’t even take the time to follow up. These kinds of people are just allowed to go bankrupt. 


3. Finally – You also have to be open to giving referrals.


In my blog “How You Can Make Money With Clients You Don’t Want To Work For’’, I talk about giving referrals to make more money for your business. 

 Give and you shall……exactly. When you start giving people business, people would want to give business back to you. But be careful, it has to be unconditional. 

it doesn’t work if you tell people you give a referral only if you get one back. No, just recognize the right business people that deserve more business and refer as many people as possible. Somehow the universe sees what you’re doing and business will come back to you.

Hope you got value on the referral topic. It’s fun and a great way to give more speed to your business. Give referrals, ask referrals, and take care of them. Your business will soon see other numbers. Good luck! 

Oh and before I forget, another one simple thing is to make sure you follow our youtube channel with FREE real estate training – Propcoach Youtube channel