Starting a coaching company in the real estate industry meant that we had a passion for two things.

The first one is obviously the industry itself – real estate! And the second thing is the absolute fascination for success.

What makes someone successful? What do you need to do in order to become successful? What is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people? Is there a roadmap, a plan, or maybe even better a formula?

Well, to be honest, in real science it has not been identified yet. So that means we had to put on our scientist jacket and create one.

We didn’t create one by just sitting in a corner one afternoon and making up formula. No, no, no… What we have done is research many books, listened to many experts and interviewed enough successful agents to figure out what formula could be.

Even our own experience is part of the science and it shows that by following a step-by-step formula, you can achieve success guaranteed.

So what is this formula? Well, it goes like this:

(Idea X implementation) + (Hard work X Long Consistent period of time) = Success

That simple? Yes, on paper that simple. Because looking at it in real practical situations, not many professionals are able to complete the formula.


The idea is the easiest part. Any normal functioning brain will get multiple ideas during the day. Based on our conscious part of the brain you will get ideas, impulses or sudden “A-Ha!” moments during the day.

Getting that idea, impulse, or ‘’A-Ha!’’ goes pretty much automatic. So like I said, that’s the easy part. The question is what happens after that.

So your “idea’’ is to join the real estate industry. You have done some research online and question is, what’s the next step? And this is where most people stop in the whole formula. They fail to take massive action. We call the ‘’Implementing’’ the idea.


Any idea needs the right implementation. That also means that you can have the wrong implementation. Either right or wrong, it doesn’t matter in the beginning, because you will figure out along the way what is the right way.

The only point where you can go to fail is not implementing it at all. This will get you nothing and the idea will forever be a mystery.

Hard Work

Okay, so now you have your idea and you have started to implement in your business. You are taking some good steps. But now that implementation needs your FULL attention. Write down the following words in your notebook, laptop, or living room wall

Money Follows Attention

Whatever you give attention to will get the best results. The problem is our attention is constantly distracted by Netflix, Facebook, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, food, and our cat. That means we cannot fully dedicate our time and attention to the idea and implementation.

Listen, you must have heard of the 80/20 rule. And yes, it’s being used everywhere, so I’m not going to explain the details about it. But whenever you launch an idea and you start implementing it, it needs 80% of your time.

It’s that simple. I’m not saying forever, I’m not saying until you die.

You do it until it works!

Long Consistent Period of Time

This brings us to the last part of the formula. I call this part ‘’whatever it takes’’ part. Every great idea became a success because it started as a huge failure. And the people that failed just simply didn’t accept that, so they looked at the idea again. They found a new way to implement it, work hard on it again, and simply did it long enough until it succeeded.

Sounds so easy, but this last one is the biggest struggle for most entrepreneurs, agents, inventors, athletes, and anybody that wants to become successful. They gave up too early while they were on the path to become successful.

People don’t become successful not because the idea was stupid. The idea was great! It didn’t fail because the implementation was wrong. Actually any implementation will always help you learn in any direction. And it wasn’t because they didn’t work hard enough. People fail because they simply give up too early, too easily.

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