Where do I get my leads?

How much should I spend on lead generation?

What tools should I use to get myself high-quality leads?

These are just a handful of questions I get almost every day from our clients. And to be honest, they are very good questions. However, they come from a specific type of mindset.

Basically what they are asking is, “How do I get something easy, with the lowest price for the highest result?’’

Let’s be fair about this question. Are we not all looking for this? Even myself in my training/coaching business, I have been looking for this answer. Heck! I spend thousands of dollars on training to get a quick fix of leads.

The truth is, you can get an easy, low price, high result lead generator. But the thing is, you will need to invest some time into it… and I mean a lot of time.

You see, the lead generation business is all about your first impression with a potential client. This is an important impression when it comes to real estate. Clients will decide within 5 seconds if they want to do business with you.

Heck, they will decide if they like you, like the project you’re promoting, like your hairstyle, and even like the shirt you’re wearing.

But in case you have wondered why lead generation can get frustrating sometimes, it’s because of the following two words:

Consistency and Frequency

The two things that we human beings are not talented in. We like to have a quick fix, a fast close, and an easy way. Well, if that’s what you expect in real estate, good luck!

But if you are really in for the long term game, I want to set you in the right direction. It’s not about what tool or platform you use. It’s all about, are you doing it consistent and frequent enough?

Let me give you an example of a tool I know many agents use very successfully. And I bet you have heard of this before. It’s called the email. And yes we are all using it, but most of us use it in the wrong way.

You’ve collected tens, hundreds, thousands of contacts every year. What if you could centralize these contacts in your database and start sending these people valuable, educational and amazing emails?

If you do this consistently and frequently enough, I can promise you, you will get a boat full of quality leads that want to work with you.

Again, the trick is consistency and frequency. You can’t just email them all this week and decide three months from now to email them again. Nope, that will not work.

It’s not when you are ready, it’s when they are ready. You have to be always ready.

The question might be, how consistent and frequent? Well, you can do daily emails, weekly email or even emails in the span for every two weeks. As long as there is a structure and you bring value. Yes, with the capital letters.

Don’t share your listings or tell people how wonderful you dressed up today. Show them value, give them something useful, and make sure you educate them.

So, this is for email. However, you can use the same technique for any lead generation tool. The key is still consistency and frequency.

Good luck! And if you like this article make sure to share it with your team, colleagues, and friends.