What is killing your business?

One word – distraction!

Yes, it’s killing your business, momentum, growth, and most definitely your income.

That’s a strong beginning for this article, but if you know me for a while, I’m not the type of coach that waits around until you start moving into the right direction.

Look, the real estate is not the most easiest business to build a super rich career, but’s its also not very complicated. With a super mindset, a good learning appetite, strong guidance and a phone, you will get very far.

Still so many agents fail in the real estate market. Most agents already get out of the market in the first 3 months. Yes, seriously! Most people don’t even read a book in three months.

Many individuals hope for a miracle and wish they can be the million dollar agent in 1 month. Well, let me wake you up! It doesn’t exist.

Most millionaire agents had to accept the following three elements of real estate:

  • The Fears
  • The Tears
  • The Years

We keep saying it over and over again. A property is probably one of the most expensive assets any person will ever own, so don’t expect to just sell it so easily. There is a process to learn, a product to specialise in, and a routine to master.

Let’s talk about this routine, because we do believe this is one of the fastest things you can work on in your career. The faster you get your routines and habits in order, the quicker you will make consistent deals.

Routines and habits are consistent tasks or to-do’s that helps your career/business move forward, even if it doesn’t seem like an important one.

There are many routines and habits I personally use in my business, like setting up my schedule the night before the next day. Or I have a routine to write an article like this one every week. And I also have the habit to clean my inbox every Friday. Small things, but have huge impact on my business.

Now whatever habit you have, as a real estate professional, you need to adopt one habit that needs to be scheduled in you calendar every single day. It’s the major difference between successful and not so successful agents.

We would like to call them the PropHabits. We have been implementing these for our clients, students and even our own sales staff. And I can tell you from personal experience, it’s really magical.

The PropHabits are 4 tasks that come back in your calendar every single day. The tasks are always the same, but the number or how many times you want to do the task can be different per agent.

Let’s start with the 4 tasks:

  1. Connection
  2. Calls
  3. Follow Ups
  4. Appointments

These four have to be in your calendar every single day. You have to block it and no other task or distraction can move it. When you do this every day you create a compounding effect in your business that will give you unlimited clients, deals, and income.

To give you an example of one of our clients, we told her to use the PropHabits 10-4. So what does 10-4 mean? It simply means that every task has to be fulfilled 10 times.

In this case,

  • 10 x Connections every day
  • 10 x New calls every day
  • 10 x Follow up every day
  • 10 x Appointment in you calendar every day

Here’s what happens in each habit:

1) 10X Connections Every Day

Every day you make sure you connect with 10 new people in the marketplace. Doesn’t matter who or how, as long you connect with 10 new people and able to put them in your database.

Your database is your business, so the bigger you can grow this the more you will get deals. You can connect both online and offline. Linkedin, facebook and emails are good ways online. For offline I would recommend network events, seminars and fairs. Collect the names, phones and emails of these people, as you need that to follow up with them.

2) 10x New Calls Every Day

This one is so powerful and will take your real estate career to new levels.

For at least 4/5 times a week, you commit to 10 new calls a day. We specifically refer to “new” calls, so its not calling people you already talked to. On top of that a call only counts if you spoke to the person at least for 2 minutes. Hanging up, “call you back’’, “not interested’’ or “Wrong number’’ doesn’t count as a call.

What you will realise is you will need to make a specific amount of calls to reach 10 quality new calls. I guarantee that if you block your calendar and set aside time to get these calls done, your business is going to explode.

3) 10x Follow Ups Every Day

Whatever people tell you to focus on in real estate, I can say that most of them are wrong.

We have a saying in Propcoach, “It’s not when you are ready, it’s whenever they are ready, because you are always ready.’’

To make sure you catch people at a right time, you need to become a king/queen in follow ups. Follow ups are the best converters and dealmakers in real estate. Any second of the day I get some space in my time schedule it automatically goes to follow up.

So commit every day to do at least 10 powerful follow ups with clients. The key to a good follow up is in the quality of the message or call. A simple “Have you made up you mind yet?’’ will not work and will only annoy your clients. But I leave follow up scripts for another session. Oh and if you want, you can find follow up scripts in our FREE platform – Propcoach University of Real Estate.

4) 10x Appointments At All Times

Listen, you need a target. A target that tells you that you’re winning. A target that tells you that you are playing amongst the top producers in the real estate.

Yes, you have your money goal, but you need an ongoing target that keeps you on track. And the best one is an appointment goal. Making this part of the 10-4 PropHabit is magical.

So what does it mean to 10x appointment at all times? Well, it means exactly what it says. When you open your calendar, there should always be 10 appointments locked in.

Appointments can be viewings, first time meetings, presentations or listing appointments. What doesn’t count is home inspection, friends visit, grandma lunch and your dentist appointment. I think you get the picture.

They key is that anytime you had an appointment you drop back from 10 to 9, so that means you need to start making new calls, emails, texts to fill it back up again to 10. It’s the magical number that will 10x your business.

So there you have it, really hope you enjoyed the arcticle! Please do share this with any colluegue, friend or partner that needs to 10x their business.

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