Social media has and is currently the biggest hub of connecting and engaging with your audience. It helps to generate more leads in ways that are not possible few years before.

But what’s the most exciting part of social media is it already has tools prepared for you to engage even more audience than the rest of your competitors, and they are called – Hashtags.

Results have shown that those who use hashtags effectively achieve 12% more engagement with their target audience than those who don’t.

Imagine the wonders it would make to your Real Estate Business once you have mastered using them!

In this blog article, let’s discuss the top 20 real estate hashtags to get more leads from social media.


Everyone loves to be in the know. Everyone loves to hear about the latest news.

Similarly, use this hashtag whenever you get a new listing. Although not everyone would specifically search for this hashtag; however, using this hashtag will definitely create a sense of urgency among your audience.

2.#”Your Target Neighborhood”

This hashtag works perfectly in helping you become a local expert.

As it’s function is to target people who live or want to live in your target neighbourhood, you’ll be able to engage with leads who are interested in your target neighbourhood.

For example, if you’re working in Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, you should hashtag your posts with #damansara to your posts about your listings.

Furthermore, using this hashtag will allow your audience to perceive you as an agent who both knows and is involved in the neighbourhood. If the neighbourhood has a nickname that locals use, hashtag it!

Get creative with your posts because if your listing posts don’t drive traffic, then it would be pointless.


Why not show off the beautiful vintage details of your listings with this hashtag? However, #OldHouseCharm is also used by those with pro-level photography, so make sure you get great pictures as well other than the usual vintage details (door knobs, inlaid floors etc.)


CurbAppeal is great to use when you’re sharing posts about your curb appeal tips and ideas.

In addition, sellers are especially attracted to these posts when it shows before and after pictures of listings where you helped previous sellers achieve curb appeal.

5.#“Location + The Style of Home You’re Listing”

If your listing is a desirable style of home for your area, using a hashtag to bring attention to it can work wonders.

For example, if you’re listing a brownstone in Brooklyn, you might use #BrooklynBrownstone as a hashtag.

If you’re listing a beachfront home in Malibu, #MalibuBeachfront is a great hashtag to use.


Use this hashtag appropriately as it does send out the exact message as written.

If your listing post does resemble a dream, go ahead and get your audience to fantasize about living in your listing.


As #MillionDollarListing resembles to luxury homes, this hashtag will have you engaging with lots of daydreamers and window shoppers.

It might now target your local market, but it does drive more traffic on followers who are real estate buffs which will also benefit your social media profile.


Straightforward and easy to use while your promoting your open houses.


Use #Investment to remind your audience about the rising market.

Even though your listing might be on the pricey side, it does a good psychological on showing how great of a deal your listing is. can be a clever way to point out how great of a deal your listing is.


one great marketing tactic is to get your audience emotionally invested in your listing. And what better way to do it than to call it #HomeSweetHome?


Create posts about house hunting advice and hashtag them with this. It will help to target buyer leads and you’ll hook them in with your useful advices.

12.#“Complimenting Your Clients”

Blessed , #BestClientEver , #FavouriteClient are some of the example hashtags to complement to your clients.

Whenever a client gave you a gift or reffered your service to another, make sure you post, tag them, and hashtag them.

It not only creates a special bond between you and your client, but also it shows them you appreciate them.

13.#“A Great Amenity That’s Nearby”

This helps in bringing local attention to your listings.

For example, if your listing is near the Petronas Twin Towers, it’s best to add #PetronasTwinTowers to your posts so that people who are interested in the amenity will have a higher chance of looking to your post.


Show off your recently sold listings by hashtagging them! It’s great for letting your audience know your achievements.

15.#“Location+The Style of Home You’re Listing”

Hashtag the location and the style of your home together to attract both channel of leads – those interested in location and those who’s who find the style of your listing appealing.

16.#“Your Agent Name”

While using a hashtag of the franchise you work for might lead to your tweet getting lost with a million more, using your brokerage or team name can help build your brand.

If you’re not on a team or working for a small brokerage, you can also find hashtags for your franchise’s local presence, e.g., Keller Williams New York City.

If you have several agents posting with the hashtag, it can also be a nice way to check out what they’re doing on Twitter or Instagram.


This works wonders when you have listings that are in amazing locations eventhough they may not be the prettiest property.

18.#“The Local School District”

Use this hashtag if your listing is in a sought-after school district. It’s a clever way to get more leads, especially for parents who are researching for scholl districts.


Make your audience drool over the gorgeous exterior of your Instagram listing post when you have a listing with an Instagram-worthy exterior. It’s especially useful for Victorians or other vintage homes.


Here’s a hashtag that shows you’re working hard for your clients. It also serves as a little reward and reminder that you are, in fact, hustling.

That’s all for today…Now go get creative and get those leads in with these 20 wonderful hashtags! Comment below your thoughts and share your social media handles with everyone!