Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continuous love and support in 2018. You as part of the real estate industry and the community has been a major part of our motivation to push forward in transforming the industry into a better, more positive workforce. As we’re now midway in January 2019, we hope you are geared up in restarting the engine and diving into the new year head on. Together, we want to partner with you in creating an exciting year ahead.


PropCoach started with a mission to help real estate professionals achieve their goals by providing coaching, education and the latest technology. In 2018, we have trained, coached, and gave speeches to real estate professionals on different platforms. We have received countless amazing testimonials where their careers have been taken to the next level, where sales deals are closed, income has risen, and clients are satisfied.

While we are humbled and truly thankful for these milestones, our end goal has yet to be completed. The real estate industry is ever changing.

We understand that the struggle is real when you are facing challenges in the industry alone. It’s frustrating and inefficient. In the worst case, struggling alone in long periods of time will only keep your business stagnant – the biggest mistake of any business.

The solution: to be a part of a growing community. We would like to invite you to our online membership community, Propmasters, where real estate agents worldwide connect online to grow, discuss, and expand together.

Real estate business tools and latest knowledge will also be updated within the community as we believe in the power of adaptation and education.

In 2019, we will be having our 6-weeks leading course, My First 90 Days In Real Estate, consistently throughout the whole year. It is a course highly recommended for real estate agents with zero or 1/2 years of experience to join and grow their expertise to excel in the industry. What’s the most exciting part of this course is the community. Throughout the course, participants are able to connect with a like-minded real estate community to both grow and celebrate their success together.

In addition, we will be posting up Youtube videos and blogs on a weekly basis. These will specifically target on specific skill sets in which real estate professionals are able to practice on a day to day basis with their clients.


Now that all those updates are over, let’s get into the good stuff. How to achieve your new year resolutions? We’ve all been there. Listing out all our resolutions on a piece of paper and drawing out the boxes for us to check them off. But when the end of the year draws near, we see only one or two ticks (best case scenario). It’s great to have new year resolutions, but it’s even better when we actually achieve them. Here are 5 tips on how to achieve your new year’s resolution

  1. Make a maximum of 3 solid new year resolutions. Changing many things at once can be difficult, so really focus on 3 that matters the most to you.
  2. Break down your resolutions into manageable, realistic steps with targeted deadlines. Having a schedule to achieve your goals goes a long way. Also, create a checklist focusing on how much better your life will be once you’ve achieved your goals.
  3. Share to everyone. Go tell your friends and family about your resolutions. This will help you hold yourself accountable, and it gives a great boost to your confidence when you know you have support.
  4. Document your journey. Track your progress by writing it down in journals, spreadsheets, or charts. This allows yourself to visually see your progress and be a motivation to continue on. Furthermore, it’s going to feel awesome looking back on all these and see how far you’ve come from.
  5. Reward yourself. Whenever you make progress towards achieving your goals, reward yourself. You deserve it!

Through these 5 steps, you are going to grow into the next level of both your business and your life. Whenever you hit a setback in your goals, don’t beat yourself up. It happens. All you have to do is find a way to improve on it and move forward. We hope you have an extraordinary January!